Tuesday, March 1, 2016

On the August 25th, 1863 Forced Expulsion of Over 20,000 People from Jackson, Cass, and Bates Counties Missouri, the Theft of All Their Possessions by Union Militia Members, and the Burning of Their Homes to the Ground - Quick Addendum

"Bare-footed and bare-headed women and children, stripped of every article of clothing except a scant covering for their bodies, were exposed to the heat of an August sun and compelled to struggle through the dust on foot. All their means of transportation had been seized by their spoilers, except an occasional dilapidated cart, or an old and superannuated horse, which were necessarily appropriated to the use of the aged and infirm.............IT IS WELL-KNOWN THAT MEN WERE SHOT DOWN IN THE VERY ACT OF OBEYING THE ORDER, and their wagons and effects seized by their murderers. Large trains of wagons, extending over the prairies for miles in length, and moving Kansas ward, were frightened with every description of household furniture and wearing apparel belonging to the exiled inhabitants. Dense clouds of smoke arising in every direction marked the conflagration of dwellings.......The banished inhabitants crowded by hundreds upon the banks of the Missouri River, and were indebted to the charity of benevolent steamboat conductors for transportation to places of safety." George C. Bingham, Unionist and Esteemed American Painter........................."Order No. 11 was the most drastic and repressive military measure directed against civilians by the Union Army during the Civil War. In fact, with the exception of the hysteria-motivated herding of Japanese-Americans into concentration camps during WW2, it stands as the harshest treatment ever imposed on United States citizens under the plea of military necessity in our nation's history." Albert Castel, American historian.............History is written by the victors and if you still need proof of it, damned if I can help you. 

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