Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Supporters, Black Lives Matter Extremists, and Other Leftist Agitators Crashed a Donald Trump Rally in Chicago and Proceeded to Attack People, Assault the Police, Rip Signs, Block an Ambulance with an Injured Dude in it, Fire Guns, etc. and Everybody from Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz to Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders Attempted to Blame Trump Entirely for the Anarchy

I'm not a big Trump fan and wouldn't even consider voting for him (Johnson's my guy) but, I'm sorry, the coverage on Trump has been awful. Yes, the man can be divisive at times but to try and blame him entirely for the negative political climate when the leftists have been every bit as divisive (the rhetoric from Democratic politicians like Grayson and Reid, the vulgar leftist postings on Twitter - some of which have called for Trump's assassination, the racial demagoguery from slant-heads like Sharpton, the vitriol from piece of garbage enterprises like The Young Turks and The Daily Kos, etc.) is patently unfair, I think, and if you don't believe me just think what would have happened if a bunch of unruly Trump supporters had successfully shut down a Clinton or Sanders rally. Yeah, huh? -  http://www.youngcons.com/chicago-protesters-block-ambulance-from-getting-through-at-trump-rally/ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyuwX8l41bU

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