Thursday, March 31, 2016

JFK on Man Versus the Leviathan

"As the responsibilities of government become enlarged, there has been a corresponding assumption of authority by the state. It is obvious from the history of the past twenty years that whether we like it or not, whether we be Republicans or Democrats, the government will continue to play an increasingly large part in our lives. The theme of today - the scarlet thread that runs throughout all of the thoughts and actions of people all over the world - is one of resignation of great problems to the all-absorbing hands of the great Leviathan - the state. The trend is not divisible. We in the United States suffer from it, if less intensely." October 18, 1949 (from a speech before the Miami Junior Chamber of Commerce). And two months later at the University of Notre Dame, this conclusion: "It is therefore vital that we become concerned with maintaining the authority of the people, of the individual, over the state." Inspiring words and, yes, light-years different from the statist bull-crap currently emanating from Sanders and even Hillary now.......So, you still think that only the Republicans have changed?

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