Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On Lindsey Graham Bellowing Out 24/7 that We Need to "Destroy ISIS"

When I was a youngster I used to have this Casper the Friendly Ghost doll that when you pulled the chord from its neck it would utter the same three or four things over and over again. That's what this guy (who also wants to destroy Assad's government and insert the U.S. into the Russia versus Ukraine fiasco) reminds me of.............And the fact that he never tells us what he means by destroying. I mean, does it entail killing every single member of that group? "Cause if it does, that's gonna mean not just a lot of dead ISIS members but a lot of dead civilians as well (the fact that ISIS will melt into the general populace). And does he genuinely believe that that this would be the end of terrorism, that there wouldn't be yet another cadre of assholes (maybe even worse than ISIS) burgeoning forth from this, yet another neocon toxic stew? The law of unintended consequences, folks - this time the neocon version.  

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