Friday, March 18, 2016

JFK to Bernie Sanders (Kind of)

"The institutions and principles for which we fought will be under a growing fire in the years ahead. We, in this country, must be willing to do battle for old ideas that have proved their value with the same enthusiasm that people do for new ideas and creeds. The tremendous vote in England last year for socialistic collectivism was largely the result of the tremendous enthusiasm that the socialists whipped up with their vigorous propaganda. If you wish to combat a similar move here - because, mark you, you may be sure that there will be such a movement - you must be willing to match your enthusiasm and interest and belief in the old with their interest and enthusiasm and belief in the new and novel." John F. Kennedy from a 1946 Congressional campaign speech delivered to veterans....Yeah, I would say that the Democratic party has shifted a wee-bit (from Al Smith, JFK, and the first Mayor Daley to creeps such as Sanders, Warren, Frank, Wassermann-Schultz, etc.) and probably just as much as the Republicans have.

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