Sunday, March 6, 2016

Note to the Recently Canned Melissa Harris-Perry

You weren't fired because of racism (what, you think that MSNBC is part of the conspiracy now?). You were let go because a) you were virtually unwatchable in that only pseudo-intellectual, insular, pretentious, and virulently leftist buffoons (much like yourself) could tolerate you and your cartoonish crappola/rants (i.e., your ratings sucked) and b) the network decided (wisely, in my estimation) to spend more time covering not just the campaigns but news in general and to get away from your brand of obnoxious opinion programming (and, yes, I've been just as critical of right-wing buffoons such as Hannity and Levin). I mean, I know that hard-cores like you tend to see everything though a racial prism and all but on this one I'm gonna have to call you and your partisan shit out one last time. Sorry, no choice.

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