Friday, December 4, 2015

On the Leftist Environmentalist Concept of Nature as Some Sort of Ansel Adams Photograph or Garden of Eden and Man as a Rousseauian Noble Savage Operating Blissfully as a Part of it

The idiocy of these folks is off the charts. As anybody with any sort of knowledge and common sense can inform you, human life prior to industrial civilization (which obviously includes the discovery and utilization of fossil fuels) wasn't just short and brutish, it was also completely and fully AT THE MERCY OF THE CLIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, that's right, folks, at the very same time that man has (potentially) altered the atmospheric CO2 levels from .027% to .039%, not only has global life expectancy more than doubled and the standard of living for a significant slice of the planet gone up exponentially, CLIMATE-RELATED DEATHS HAVE PLUMMETED BY OVER 95%!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, what's probably the most nauseating aspect of all is the fact that these same hooligans aren't just benefiting from civilization, fossil fuel use, mining (they evidently think that those cell-phones and kindles fall out of the sky), etc., they're making out like lottery winners and leaving some of the largest "carbon footprints" in human history (Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, etc.). Man, do I ever hate these folks.

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