Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the Fact that Science Has Gone from a Dispassionate Search for Truth in Which the Evidence Is Questioned and the Conclusions Challenged and Reexamined to a Highly Politicized Endeavor in Which Skepticism Is Vilified, Numbers Have Been Played with, the Peer-Review Process Has Been Made a Mockery of, Cronyism on Steroids Has Emerged (Green Energy, Cap and Trade Schemes, etc.) and Lives Have Been Ruined

  Cataclysmic anthropogenic climate change (what was once called, global warming), 15th Century low power-density boondoggles (windmills clocking in a watt per square meter), the vilifying of one of the major building-blocks of life (carbon), the smearing of exceptional scientists such as Richard Lindzen, Judith Curry, Willie Soon, and Roy Spencer (mainly by intellectual lightweights; Salon, Desmog, etc.), idiotic claims that the "science is settled" and heinous scientific fraud (the hockey stick in which Michael Mann merged two distinct data-sets, the numerous fudgings of the data by James Hanson, etc.), ANYBODY? 

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