Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On the Fact that Fox News Now Employs a Small Army of Neoconservative Bobble-Heads (Pete Hegseth Shown Below) and Rarely if Ever Delivers Push-Back (as Opposed to Their Noninterventionist Guests Who Consistently Get Challenged, Cut Off, etc.)

I think that I've been very fair to Fox and have actually gone as far as to commend them for their hiring of late; folks like Ed Henry, John Roberts, Maria Bartiromo, Howie Kurtz, etc. and for their bouncing of the moronic and tedious Sean Hannity from the 9 PM slot for the much more palatable Megyn Kelly. But now - the fact that the Charles Krauthammer, Marc Thiessen, and Pete Hegseth wing of that network has seemingly taken charge over there - let's just say that my viewership is the latest casualty. 

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