Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the Fact that (According to the L.A. Times, Keith B. Richburg's "Out of America", and Numerous Other Sources) the First Action of Robert Mugabe (Post-Election, 1980) as the President of Zimbabwe was to "eliminate" Over 10,000 Ndebele Civilians in Matabeleland in What Can Only Be Deciphered as a Barbarous Act of Retribution

Despicable, and the fact that the West chose to ignore this horrid body-count (which actually could have been much higher in that as Richburg has pointed out the Zimbabwean government simply stopped keeping track) well into the 1990s (the blood-thirsty bastard was actually knighted by the obviously inbred Queen Elizabeth in 1994 - KNIGHTED!!!) is an even more monstrous indictment, I think. 

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