Monday, December 28, 2015

On if Your Views Are Not on the Table to be Modified by a New and Reliable Chain of Reasoning and Evidence (Climate-Related Deaths Being Down 95%, Extreme Weather Events Not Having Gotten Worse or More Frequent, 73 of 75 Climate Models Having Been Way Off, Wind Turbines and Bio-Fuels Having Easily the Most Pitiful Power Density Figures of Any Current Energy Source, Atmospheric Temperatures Having Essentially Flat-Lined for Close to Two Decades, etc., etc.)

Succinctly put, you've stymied your learning, assumed true-believing status, risked looking like a tool, surrendered to authority, enabled the tyrannical.


BB-Idaho said...

Lots of data, lots of opinions .

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Even the IPCC (a political entity that tends to be more on the alarmist side and which has seriously underestimated uncertainty)) has said that extreme weather events haven't gotten worse, more deadly, or more prevalent.