Thursday, December 10, 2015

On Fox News's Greg Gutfeld (Fox Now Apparently Being THE Neocon Network) Saying that if We Wanted to We Could Crush ISIS in 48 Hours

They only way that we could do that would be to drop an H-bomb; the fact that if we tried to engage them from the ground they would just filter into the civilian population which would then necessitate house to house combat, the fact that even if we were to defeat them rapidly it would obviously call for another lengthy occupation (this one potentially without the blessings of the Iraqis), etc.. I think that we just have to face it here that there is no simple solution and that maybe, just maybe, sitting back and letting the Iranians and Russians take the incoming for a while isn't the dumbest strategy (that along with strengthening our defenses - port and border security, for example - and intelligence, of course).