Saturday, February 28, 2015

My New Hero (and, Yes, Folks, She's British)

For her strong opposition to "obliteration bombing" and equally vociferous support for the resistance movement in Germany (which both the British and Americans dogmatically ignored in a perverse quest for unconditional surrender; the entire point of the war not being to stop Hitler but to devastate the German economy as even Churchill ultimately admitted), author and activist, Vera Brittain, proved to be one of the saner voices of the 20th Century (or, the "War Century", as Ralph Raico, Robert Higgs, and John V. Denson have frequently called it) and for that fact alone I a) salute her and b) lament the fact that she was marginalized....If only, huh? 

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BB-Idaho said...

She was a nurse in WWI, saw her
fiancé, brother and friends join the hundreds of thousands of war dead and we may guess she rightfully considered the 'War to end all wars' to be just that.