Monday, January 20, 2014

Yeah, These Fellas' Should Help

While it's true that Duke just had one of its best seasons ever in football, it's also quite obvious that the defense still has a long ways to go (having given up more than 30 points on 6 separate occasions). The good news for Duke fans and alums is that it appears that Coach Cutcliffe has gone a significant ways this off-season toward addressing this. Allow me to introduce you to Alonzo Saxton (Bishop Hartley High, Columbus, Ohio), Zach Muniz (Christian Brothers College High, Saint Louis, Missouri), and Edgar Cerenord (American Heritage High, Plantation, Florida). Saxton and Muniz are two of the very best cornerbacks in the country and Cerenord is a 290 pound lane-stuffer who had approximately 20 other offers. Yep, they're only going to be true freshman next year but when you combine their talent with the team's need, I wouldn't be surprised if they made an immediate impact this fall.

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