Sunday, May 19, 2013

A General Shame

Whenever I think of those fallen and disgraced Generals like McChrystal and Petraeus, it saddens me. It really does. Not that I necessarily feel sorry for them, mind you, or even think that they didn't deserve to be punished (I'm not and they obviously did). It has much more to do with the fact that these guys are talented people who still could be helping the country in some capacity and it's all being wasted...........................................................................................I'm thinking specifically back to when we had that earthquake down in Haiti and that entire reconstruction effort was really being effed up. I kept on thinking to myself, "Why don't they just dust off General McChrystal and put HIM in charge? He'd have made damn certain that those supplies had gotten to where they were supposed to." I mean, what do you people think? It's better than a think-tank, no?


Lisa G. said...

Both Haiti and Katrina were examples of where we totally dropped the ball. The Icelanders were there doing search and rescue in Haiti 2 days before our first ship sailed. That's a friggin disgrace if you ask me. And where was our Navy hospital ship?Hell we were able to get to Sri Lanka faster.

Katrina was a national disgrace until General Honroe got down there and kicked some serious ass. He's the one who finally got food and water to those people. He didn't care about red tape either; he cut through all that shit and got the supplies moving. I did disagree with him using tanks in NO; these people were frightened, hungry and exhausted. We don't need NO to look like an occupation. Give that man another medal.

McCrystal and Petraeus are bureaucrats - not the type of people you need in a disaster; too much by the book, IMO. Put Honroe in charge of disaster relief - he'll get it done and piss off whomever he needs to.

Rusty Shackelford said...

Both of these true american hero's got a raw deal.They are soldiers on a par with anyone who has ever served.

Just think how many american soldiers lives David Petraeus saved in Irag.His skills are equal to Grant,McArthur,Patton and Ike.Of course a man of power has groupies throwing themselves at them....he fell for some available trim.I mean what red bloodied warrior would'nt?

McCrystal is a bit of a different story.Although he also was a soldier of valor his staff left something to be desired.They allowed a traitorist weenie writer from that rag Rolling Stone access to the inner circle allowing this weakling to write nothing but a hit piece.Low and behold King Barry the Weak threw McCrystal under the bus.