Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miscellaneous 21

1) Sean Hannity has said a lot of reprehensible things of late - no question. But, I'm telling you here, kids, what that blankety-blank said last week on one of his segments went way, WAY, beyond the pale, even for him. Mr. Hannity said that President Obama, during the 2008 campaign, "begged for the job." "BEGGED FOR THE JOB." I mean, talk about a flat-out level of disrespect. And the thing is, folks, it wasn't Mr. Obama who crawled on back to Jerry Falwell, did his very best "cat on a hot tin roof" imitation over immigration, etc.. That was Senator McCain. If anybody "begged for the job", it was him (and, yes, it DOES hurt me to say this in that I absolutely at one point DID respect him)......2) Lisa Lampanelli is as foul-mouthed and disgusting a comic as there is. Unfortunately, she can also be one of the funniest ones. In a recent Comedy Central roast to somebody called Flava Flav, Ms. Lampanelli blurted out (in memoriam to the supposed affair between Flav and actress, Bridget Nielsen) this absolute classic, " How could you (referencing Ms. Nielsen) have sex with this guy. I've screwed more black guys than FEMA and I wouldn't touch him." Let's just say that I more than giggled at it......3) Sheryl Crow supposedly has a new song out that criticizes Sarah Palin. And, yeah, that's fine. Palin at this point clearly deserves a lot of guff. But there is a lyric in the song that does in fact trouble me. Crow says something about "turning off the microphone."....Not good, folks. In this country, we DO NOT turn off anybody's microphone. If Ms. Crow want to turn hers (Crow's) on, that's fine. But she shouldn't go around whining (err, I mean, singing) that we need to curtail free speech. That, my friends, flat-out ain't gonna cut it.


Oso said...

That was a great roast. Who was it said if Flav got any darker and skinnier Angelina and Brad would adopt him? Or, he looked like a skeleton wrapped in electric tape? Like he'd been tanning on the surface of the sun?

Got a million of 'em.

Beach Bum said...

My favorite roast was Shatners, I went to a Star Trek convention and heard James Doohan (old Scotty) speak and he hated Shatner with a passion. Looks like much of what they hit Shatner with turns out to be true.

Beach Bum said...

Also, please forgive my liberal bias but I tend to give Sheryl Crow a pass on her crazy shit talking. Truthfully the pass I give her is because she is just so damn HOT.

Given how that bastard Lance Armstrong dumped her I would string that jerk up and skin him alive.

And no, I don't really listen to her music.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Great roasts. I also liked the one for Pam Anderson. My favorite joke from that free-for-all was (I forgot the comedian's name), "I used to masturbate so much to 'Baywatch' that I had to hire a homeless guy to squeegie my television."

Rusty Shackleford said...

Have any of you noticed the economic news this week?

Sales of existing homes the lowest in 15 years.

Sales of new homes at an all time low.

The Dow is under 10,000

One of the most telling statistics was that in July there were only 1,000 homes worth over 500 grand sold....yes 1,000 nation wide...that my friends is friggin scary.

Its now obvious the Obama stimulus was a failure.

The double dip recession is on top of us.

I feel sorry for poor Joe Biden having to keep giving those "summer of recovery" speeches.

And next week Obama feels it necessary to get behind the telepromptor and give a major address on Iraq.This guy is useless,he should stay the hell on vacation.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Here's my best nonpartisan take on the stimulus package: I think that any time you dump 862 billion into the mix, it has to have at least some effect. But just how much is hard to say. In my opinion, the whole thing was idiotically constructed. The tax rebates simply blew a hole in the deficit and there nearly wasn't enough for infrastructure (I'm talking here about needed infrastructure, not bridges to nowhere). And I still can't believe that there wasn't a payroll tax holiday included. That is something that probably WOULD have gotten bipartisan support.

Rusty Shackleford said...

The jobs created by the stimulus cost $195,000 each....that does'nt sound like a good investment to me...anyway you slice it.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I agree. The money could have clearly been spent more efficiently. Unfortunately, "efficiently" doesn't seem to be in the governments's vocabulary.

Oso said...

Arlen Specter said said 780 bill in stimulus $ would create 4 million jobs. Those who oppose the stimulus did the math and came up with 195K.

Where did Specter get the figure of 4 million ? Probably pulled it out of his ass.

Fact is the Stimulus was about 1/4 what it should have been and stupidly weighted towards tax cuts. In other words, doomed to fail.

Rusty Shackleford said...

Oso,could be why Specter is out of a job,he's always been kind of a liar.