Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Little Perspective on the BP Disaster

As bad, folks, as this disaster was (and, please, I am not, NOT, in any way defending those cretins at BP), the damage that occurs daily from 1) the factory farming industry (dumping copious amounts of waste into the Gulf), 2) the shrimping industry (which upsets the delicate ocean floor and is threatening other species through "by-catch"), and 3) the continuous development of the wetlands will ALL eventually make this oil leak look like small potatoes. Unfortunately.


Beach Bum said...

Hell yes!!! Added up the oil spill is just icing on an already fucked up cake.

But I got to love the fools that continue to develop coastal areas that tear up protective marshes. I know several fuckers that have built on property that just ten years ago was marsh and is now a subdivision and golf course.

For the ignorant marshes slow down hurricanes and blunt their impact as they move onto land. Once where it would have taken a cat 5 hurricane to cause major damage the development of those areas will now allow a smaller storm to do the same if not greater damage.

Can't wait to rumage through some of the remains of the fuckers that live around my father-in-law. They simply ahve no idea about hurricanes.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Absolutely, double b. One of the main reasons that Katrina was so devastating was precisely because of those depleted wastelands. Excellent call, my friend (and, yes, another issue that shouldn't be left versus right but somehow/strangely is).