Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I Knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was a Friend of Mine.......

As for Sean Hannity, let's just say that he, like O'Reilly, is prone to hyperbole. Take, for instance, this particularly idiotic analogy. He goes on to say that George W. Bush's "staring down" of Islamic extremism (inclusive of this, ostensibly, his war in Iraq) is comparable to Ronald Reagan's taking on of the Soviet Union during his administration. This and, yes, since Reagan was right, he continues, so, too, must Bush's actions be of necessity to the survival of our nation. Of course, what he doesn't point out is that Reagan (and, yeah, kudos to Reagan for negotiating from a standpoint of strength back then) never invaded ( alright, Grenada) and occupied a sovereign nation halfway around the world, advocated a unilateralist perspective, held in disdain a diplomatic approach, etc.. Details, in other words, the likes of which Mr.'s Bush and Hannity cannot/ will not get themselves bogged down in.

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