Thursday, May 17, 2007

You Can Actually Set Your Clock By It

Have you noticed how Mr. O'Reilly selectively/ only puts forth those points that make the Bush administration look benign? Take, for example, his "reporting" on the Bush justice department's firing of those 8 U.S. attorneys. He goes on to delineate, right, how at least 3 of these appointees were in fact deserving of their fate (parading out, of course, his usual litany of beefs; drugs, illegal immigration, etc.)..........Of course, what he failed to mention was how every single one of these 8 attorneys had a job-performance rating that was considered exemplary. That, and he conveniently left out the fact that at least 3 of these individuals have cited pressure from Republican politicians to conduct themselves in a partisan manner (Bud Cummins, David Iglesias, and John McKay, the attorneys in question). Conduct, in other words, that if in fact a Democrat had been involved in it - hell, it would have broken loose and rumbled. All the way to impeachment, don't ya think?

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