Sunday, May 6, 2007

Spinning Yarn

On a silver-platter, the Bush administration gave it him - wounded war veterans living in squalor. Of course, what did Mr. O'Reilly do with this opportunity? Well, first of all, he ignored it (sensing, quite obviously, that by covering it he'd be embarrassing the president). Then, when he clearly couldn't ignore it any farther, instead of holding the Bush administration accountable, he uses the "failure" as an opportunity to lambaste government bureaucracies, in general; "can you imagine what national health-care would look like?".........Of course (and, yes, in his inimitable fashion, as well), he fails to commend the Washington Post (an actual journalistic enterprise) for exposing this atrocity - choosing, instead, to cite his own "investigation" (yeah, right!!) into who the actual "villain" is. Oh and, yes, the facts, how conveniently these little INconveniences are swept under the carpet by Mr. O'Reilly. For instance, he fails to underscore the fact that it WASN'T government but private contractors who were in fact responsible here - private sector ineptitude, in other words. I mean, seriously, talk about a spinmeister spinning.....and spinning some more. This kinda' takes the cake, don't you think?

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