Monday, May 28, 2007

Hyperbolic Analogy, Take 1,000

In one of O'Reilly's most recent analogies, he actually makes a comparison between the South, during the days of Jim Crow, and modern-day Vermont - according to him a bastion of degenerate child molesters and their protectorate. Just as the southern states, he says, turned inward and resisted the change that the rest of the country (i.e., the more enlightened states) promoted, so, too, is Vermont resisting his pleas for more draconian forms of justice leveled against child molesters. An enlightened "us" against an archaic "them", in other words...........I mean, don't get me wrong here. A lot of the cases O'Reilly cites probably ARE injustices (this, though, please, keep in mind here that I, like O'Reilly, am not an expert on the law and don't necessarily know all the details of the cases). All I'm saying is that you cannot conceivably compare an essentially enlightened state that, granted, has made some isolated mistakes in it's judicial system to a time and place in our society when an entire race of human beings was being subjugated on a disgustedly massive scale. I mean, not only is that insulting to black people (never mind, to the citizens of Vermont) but it is an absolutely devoid-of-logic argument, as well. This, I'm saying, in that how can you conceivably make a comparison between the 2 situations - other than from a state of paranoia/ cut-and-dry mental status?........Bill O'Reilly, ladies and gentlemen!!!

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Crowbard said...

You shouldn't need to be an expert on the law.
Good law is clear, simple and obvious.
Most law is bad, obscure, complex and almost as devious as the warped and twisted souls who make a profession out of torturing the law into fitting their take on it.