Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Square Pegs, Rounded

Mr. O'Reilly, do you simply think that by repeating something often enough any facts that DO NOT FIT will automatically assume the shape of this paranoid mold you've created? Seriously, though, the hiring/ continued employment of Tucker Carlson, ditto Joe Scarborough, the regular contributions of Pat Buchanan, John Fund, ad nausea (all those generals, for Christ!) - what's the deal with not recognizing those components of MSNBC? Is it blindness/paranoia......or are you simply a liar WHO, with the limited capacity of his base audience, continues to herd his sheepish flock of dumbells to grander pasture (saving the universe from George Soros, etc.)?.........And even with Keith Olberman (oops, I said his name), I'm saying, apart from his vitriolic opposition to Bush's war, how the hell do you even know if HE'S a liberal? Maybe he's a friggin' libertarian who thinks that foreign adventurism of this magnitude is, let's just say, idiotic. But even if he is a liberal, I'm saying, is he any more "off the charts" than Sean Hannity, John Gibson, YOU, and Neal Cavuto are.....on the othe side? Of course, he isn't. Well, except, that is, for that part of his show when he actually hammers guys like you (though, not really here, either, huh?). "The........ worst........ person........IN THE WORLD!!!!"

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