Saturday, May 5, 2007

Illegally Offensive

You know what's really amazing, though? Even when I basically agree with O'Reilly on an issue, he still succeeds in alienating me. Take, for instance, this whole preoccupation he seems to have with illegal immigration. I tend to agree with him that, yes, we do in fact need to tighten up our border security and secure, as well, a much more orderly process of people entering our country (I'm certainly not against legal immigration from Mexico, etc.). What I don't approve of, however, is when he scours the country looking for anecdotal evidence, mostly in the form of illegals committing atrocities, and uses these examples as a cheap political tool to fire up his largely yahoo viewership against this population (the overwhelming majority of whom, let's be honest here, are decent people). I mean, what if he stumbled upon an illegal alien performing selfless acts of kindness, heroism, whatever? You think he'd go out of his way to report that? Kind of doubtful, don't you think?

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