Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Omission Granted

Don't you just love it how O'Reilly refuses to mention Keith Olberman by name? Of course, what's even more preposterous, I think, is his professed reasoning behind the decision - i.e., that he doesn't want to reward "him" with undeserved publicity. Yeah, right! Since when has this son-of-a-bitch ever, EVER been shy about mentioning a rival's or critic's name - not just mentioning his name, mind you, but using what has essentially become his personal "us versus them" bully-pulpit and lambasting them?.......... I mean, seriously, why doesn't he just act like a man and admit it. Keith Olberman's name (as opposed to, say, that of Chris Matthews, a person from the same network who he has in fact "called out") isn't mentioned because he's a competitor - A TIME-SLOT COMPETITOR!!! It's like, talk about transparency, huh? And he does it all the time, I'm saying, vices into virtues continuously.

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