Saturday, March 18, 2017

On Lawrence O'Donnell's Claim that Since Mr. Trump Took an Oath of Office, He Is Technically Under Oath for the Duration of His Presidency, and so When the Fellow Lies He Can be Impeached for it

Yeah, this just might be the most insane comment in the history of political punditry; worse than Maddow, worse than Hannity, worse than Limbaugh, worse than Maddow's twin, Chris Hayes. I mean, does he just not realize that all fucking 44 Presidents would have been impeached if this was the criteria? And even the "lie" that he picked out for this little diatribe wasn't all that blatant (the fact that Trump used the anachronistic term, wire tap, and even used mainstream media sources for his assertion that Obama had spied on him). Look, I get it, O'Donnell and the rest of his fellow ramrods at MSNBC hate Trump (hell, I'm not all that thrilled with him, either) and want to get rid of the guy but this is soooooooo not the way to do it (not in a Western representative Democracy at least).  

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