Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Top 10 Favorite Democrats of All Time

10) Lee Hamilton - a foreign policy expert (during his time in the Congress) and a man of pristine integrity. 9) Ed Koch - the gritty and no-nonsense former Mayor of New York City. 8) John Glenn - an American hero and moderate former Senator from Illinois. 7) Jim Webb - a war hero, former Secretary of the Navy, and former bipartisan Senator from Virginia. 6) Robert F. Kennedy - one of the finest Attorney Generals in U.S. history and a distinguished former Senator from New York. 5) William Proxmire - a fiscal hawk and former bipartisan Senator from Wisconsin. 4) John F. Kennedy - a hard-core anti-Communist and fiscal conservative former U.S. President. 3) Richard Daley - arguably the greatest big city Mayor in U.S. history and a person not to fuck with. 2) Al Smith - a conservative anti New Deal former Presidential candidate and outstanding Governor of New York. 1) Grover Cleveland - the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats and possibly the last non-imperial President in U.S. history.............And they're all dead except for Hamilton and Webb....Speaks volumes, huh?         

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