Tuesday, March 14, 2017

On the Fact that the Podesta Brothers Could Make the Pizzagate Story Go Away Completely Simply by Explaining What Those Bizarre Messages Really Meant but for Some Strange Reason They Won't Do it

If it was me and I was innocent, hell yeah, I'd out there knocking this shit down 24/7......and I especially wouldn't be pointing to Snopes and the New York Times as having "debunked" the story when neither one of these bullshit sites went as far to bring up a single piece of evidence!!............And I ask you, what kind of a dude says that the claims against him have been "debunked" (speaking in legalese and pure mumbo-jumbo) rather than simply articulating, "I'm innocent and never in a million years would I ever do such a thing."? Someone with something to hide, right?

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