Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On if Germany Had Won WW1

First off, it wouldn't have been a decisive victory in that this sucker had "stalemate" written all over it. But let's just say that the Germans had won, what would they have secured? A piece of France? A section of Belgium? So fucking what!! They wouldn't have been able to hold it (folks don't like being occupied and generally revolt against it) and I would have much rather had that than the rise of Hitler and Lenin (dictators that only could have risen to power from the chaos, dislocations, and unfair ending that this war brought about)......but, alas, President Wilson didn't have this foresight and it was through U.S. involvement that a) the punitive Treaty of Versailles was arrived at and b) the Russians were goaded into staying in the conflict. Great job, Woody.    

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