Thursday, August 24, 2017

On Why I Left the Left

Too much a) virtue-signaling, b) political correctness, c) hostility to free speech, d) genuflecting to Islam, e) partisan bullshit, f) violence, g) fuzzy thought (the notion that there are 70 genders, the claim that we can power a modern industrial economy with wind and solar energy, a strict adherence to Keynesian economics, something called micro-aggressions, etc.), h) anti-white hostility, i) anti-male hostility and radical feminism, j) environmental extremism (bordering on anti-humanism), k) moral inconsistency (Bush wars bad, Obama wars good, Bush spying bad, Obama spying good, etc.), l) historical revisionism (the claim that Lincoln fought the Civil War to free the slaves, the notion that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was surprising and fully unprovoked, the assertion that the New Deal got us out of the Depression, etc.), m) race-baiting and identity politics, and n) smugness, hypocrisy, and rank condescension.......Well, those are some of the reasons.

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