Tuesday, October 17, 2017

On the Fact that 325 Years Ago, Numerous Citizens from the Towns of Salem, Danvers (it Was Called Salem Village at the Time), and Topsfield, Massachusetts Swore On a Bible that They Witnessed Some of Their Fellow Citizens Having Sex with the Devil and Other Such Diabolical Indiscretions......and, so, no, it Wasn't Even Remotely Shocking that Jews 60 Years Ago Came Up with Equally Preposterous Accusations (Gas Chambers Disguised as Showers, Human Lampshades, Open-Air Cremations, the Throwing of Babies Into Fire Pits, etc.)

I really don't mean to be callous here but I have seen some of these testimonials and many of them are plainly preposterous (this one lady said that she swallowed a diamond ring and shat it out day after day for years just to hide it from the Germans). And, besides, eyewitness testimony we've known for decades is unreliable and so why in the hell would that not be the case here? Seriously (extraordinary claims always needing extraordinary evidence).

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