Saturday, October 28, 2017

On the Fact that I Can't Help but Think that the Modern-Day Huns and Vandals of the Planet Are Eyeing the U.S. with All of its Gender-Bending Insanity, Hostility to Men, Self-Loathing, Pathological Altruism, Multicultural Experimentation, Eagerness to Commit Demographic Suicide, etc., etc. and Saying to Themselves, "One of These Days, One of These Days"

 Yeah, the young folks of today simply don't know their history in that they think that this can go on indefinitely. Hopefully ten years or so down the road they come to their senses and realize that their education cheated them horribly (the classics being ignored and replaced with a shitload of third-rate scholarship) and the ship gets steered in a saner direction, best case scenario.  

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