Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Dumbest Neocon of All?

I gotta go with this fellow; The American Spectator's presiding resident war-monger, Jeffrey Lord. I already made mention in a previous post of his claim that George Washington was an "interventionist" because during the Revolutionary War he twice invaded Canada (a preposterous claim in that a) Canada was a part of the British Empire - Great Britain being the country that we were trying to liberate ourselves from and b) our goal was never to occupy and/or conquer Canada). Well, guess what, folks, he's also trying to tell us that Jefferson and Madison were interventionists because of their actions against the Barbary Pirates and Britain (the War of 1812) respectively. I mean, does this guy just not know what interventionism means; that it doesn't pertain to defensive actions (the Barbary Pirates and the British Navy had both been engaging in provocative actions against America on the high seas; stealing our ships/cargo, impressing out sailors, etc. and it was only then that we retaliated)? It's either that or he's lying. 

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