Friday, October 23, 2015

On the Fact that the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal Rank Denmark (Switzerland and Canada, too) Ahead of the United States on Their Index of Economic Freedom

Don't tell Bernie.


BB-Idaho said...

IMO, Bernie wants to emulate those types of nations; universal healthcare all.
Ratio of CEO/worker pay US 354, Canada 206, Switzerland 148, Denmark 48: Minimum
wage: US 7.25, Canada 12.50, Switzerland (by Canton) 14-28, Denmark 21. Kind of
surprising, Heritage endorsing democratic socialism.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yes, those countries do have high individual tax rates but much less regulation (making it much easier to start and manage a company) and a lower corporate tax rate. That's why they rank them high.......And Sweden, after 20 years of devastating socialism in which rich people were leaving the country in droves, is actually pretty sane now; reducing the percentage of government spending from close to 70% of GDP to just over 50% of GDP and the top tax rate from 80-something percent to 50-something percent (certainly saner than Bernie's 90% wet dream)....... And I would also remind Bernie that close to 2/3rds of new jobs are being created by small businesses (who are currently being smashed by the odious regulatory burden created by scoundrels like Sanders, Warren , etc.) and so who frigging cares what some CEO makes?

BB-Idaho said...

I care a lot what the CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical makes. For once, though, the free market worked like it is supposed to. BTW, that pill can be picked up in Britain for 63 cents. IMO, if Trickle Down continues to shrink the middle class, we will see far more radical
than Bernie showing up. Even old Churchill worried about extreme asymmetric wealth
between puffing Cubans and downing scotch at Downing.