Monday, October 19, 2015

On the Fact if Lincoln's Aim Was to "Resupply" Fort Sumter (Which in and of Itself Was Pure Bullshit in that the Fort Had Been Given Access to Charleston Markets Right on Up to the Crisis), He Could Have Done it with a Damned Rowboat and Certainly Didn't Need a Small Armada

This is a common tactic of Presidents itching for a fight; provoking the other side to fire first. It's what Polk did when he paraded U.S. troops along the Rio Grand River (knowing fully well that nobody in Mexico considered that to be the border), what FDR did with his economic strangulation of Japan and his moving of troops and vessels closer and closer, what LBJ did with the first Gulf of Tonkin flash-point when he ordered the U.S destroyer Maddox into North Vietnamese waters as an aggressive intelligence-gathering maneuver and to act in synch with bellicose actions by the South (the second one being total fiction), what Bush senior did when he essentially waved Saddam Hussein into Kuwait to take the damned oil-fields, etc.. I mean, I understand that a few of these Presidents are revered in certain quarters and all but in order to avoid these mistakes in the future, we at least have to acknowledge them and whatever else we do stop the hero-worship.

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