Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On Senator Boxer's Embarrassing and Stultifyingly Dumb Questioning of Princeton Physicist, William Happer

It was just more proof-positive that an individual's world-view (in Boxer's case, a statist one in which man has to be corralled) has a tendency to shape their concept of science as opposed to the opposite. I mean, the woman had a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the most brilliant men in America and instead of being open-minded and engaging in accommodation, she circled the wagons, got insulting, and protected her ludicrous narrative (that free people are not to be trusted and that the only way to reign them in is through government force) as if her psychic livelihood depended on it (and quite obviously it did). It was actually quite sad.


Rusty Shackelford said...

Babs of the senate's dim bulbs. You gotta love California, they continue to elect these idiots.

dmarks said...

"Lie lie lie. Lie lie lie lie, lie lie lie.
Lie lie lie...."

Lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel song that not only summarizes Boxer's statements, but is also named for her.

lee woo said...

To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent. See the link below for more info.