Monday, August 31, 2015

On the Claim By Numerous Historians that Teddy Roosevelt Made the Food Supply Safer

This is largely another myth. The real truth is that the food supply was getting significantly better well before the government stuck its nose into things and the real heroes in this regard were Nicolas-Francois Appert, Louis Pasteur, Gail Borden, Joseph Campbell, Abraham Anderson, John Henry Heinz, Alexander Twinning, John Gorrie, James Harrison, Charles Tellier, Clarence Birdseye, Frederick Tutor, J.B. Sutherland, T.C. Eastman, Gustavus Franklin Swrift, Andrew Chase, Philip D. Armour, John Plankington, etc. - in that it was these folks who made the major advances in frozen foods, jarring, pasteurizing, canning, transportation and logistics, sanitation, refrigeration and storage, etc.. - this, while TR wasted his time on Coca Cola, rectified whiskey, and corn syrup. What an asshole.


dmarks said...

Safe to say that you would count him as a rather overrated President?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Lincoln, Wilson, Polk, McKinley, and the 2 Roosevelts are probably the 6 most overrated ones.......Reagan, too, a little (David Stockman's writings on him are very persuasive).

dmarks said...

Reagan would have been a lot better if he had at least tried to veto those awful overspending budgets Tippo passed him.