Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On President Cleveland and Hawaii

Based upon the hand that was dealt to him, I think that he handled it perfectly. While he certainly wasn't opposed to the annexing of Hawaii, Cleveland was adamant that it not take place without the consent of the indigenous population. But being that an American nationalist coup (led by the sugar and pineapple tycoon, Sanford Dole - and with naval support from then President Harrison) had taken place just prior to his having been sworn in (yes, for his second stint) that had dethroned the Queen (Liliuokalani), he was forced into an untenable situation of quite possibly having to fire upon American citizens. Fortunately, he took the much more prudent action of DOING NOTHING (which included sitting on a treaty that Dole had strong-armed from the Queen and which was rammed through a Republican Senate) and the crisis at the very least was postponed.  

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