Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On Politicians Who Use the Word, Free

They should be drawn, quartered, and pistol-whipped in that, even as a five year-old can tell you, NOTHING IS FREE! The only way that the government can "give" you something is if they take it from somebody else or put it on a credit card (which is essentially little more than robbing from the unborn). And don't even try and give me that moronic line that we can do all of these things simply by taxing the rich, 'cause that's pure bullshit, too (the fact that we could tax the rich at 100% of all income over $500,000 and it still wouldn't be able to fund all of the stuff that Sandinistas Dems like Warren and Sanders want the government to do and it of course would be a one-shot deal in that nobody from that point on would even want to earn over $500,000). The fact of the matter is that the middle and upper-middle classes are the ones who tend to get stuck with the bill on this type of snake-oil game (CNN's Erin Burnett has cited evidence which shows that an 8% tax increase on the middle class will get you far more money than a 100% increase on the top 2% - and this doesn't even take into account the dead-weight costs of people moving, sheltering their money, investing less, etc.) and, yes, maybe if these assholes were honest about it I could respect them more. Maybe.


dmarks said...

It's easy to give stuff away if it's not your own and you don't have to pay for it personally, isn't it?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Easy as pie.