Thursday, August 27, 2015

On McCain's Threats to Bomb Iran

What this war-mongering bozo doesn't seem to realize is that the surest way to convince the Iranians that they need nuclear weapons IS TO FUCKING BOMB THEM!! I mean, I know that the Senator's first inclination is always a military one and all but as we've leaned from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., wars/military actions have a tendency to spiral out of control/produce unintended consequences and I strongly suspect that a foray into Iran just might be the worst of the worst in that regard ( It also should be stated that if Iran truly wanted a nuclear weapon, we probably couldn't stop them no matter what we did (well, save for maybe nuking them); the fact that the nuclear program is so spread out, the fact that you can't destroy the knowledge, etc. and, so, yeah, McCain is full of shit in this regard, too. 

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