Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On the Fact that Ron Paul Has Been Slimed by Quite Literally Every Fucking Piece of Shit Rag from Salon.com to The American Spectator (Their Latest Hit-Piece Being an Absolute Joke and Laced with Historical Inaccuracies) - Quick Addendum - P.S.

And get this, folks. One of the examples that Mr. Long gave to underscore his point that George Washington was actually an internationalist and not an isolationist (this, despite the copious number of documents to the contrary) was the fact that the dude invaded Canada during the Revolutionary War. I mean, I know that these neocon schmucks aren't necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed and all but it doesn't take a Revolutionary War scholar to know that Canada was part of the British Empire and being that we were hellbent on liberating ourselves from said empire avoiding Canada wasn't really all that solid of an option ( that (and it wasn't as if Washington was trying to annex territory from the Brits). 

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