Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top Ten Greatest Living Ivy League Graduates

10) Sonia Sotomayor/Clarence Thomas (tied) - two of the most brilliant Supreme Court justices in American history............. 9) Laura Ingraham - one of the most astute political analysts of her generation............. 8) Keith Olbermann - the finest American television journalist since Edward R. Murrow............. 7) Alan Grayson - a brilliant Congressman who everybody recognizes as a uniter, not a divider............. 6) Ted Cruz - one of the most brilliant minds to emerge on the political scene in years and a Senator of unquestioned integrity............. 5) Ann Coulter - a brilliant and fair-minded author whose contributions rank among the finest and most influential of the last 20 years............. 4) Donald Trump - one of the most brilliant business minds of the 20th and 21st Centuries and an individual of unquestioned integrity............. 3) George W. Bush - the finest Republican President in U.S. history whose neoconservatism could only be called a smashing success............. 2) Barack Obama - the finest Democratic President in U.S. history whose Keynesian economic philosophy could only be called a smashing success............. 1) Octopus - one of the most brilliant and original theoriticians in all of human history and I know this because he's told me so, many times.


dmarks said...

Methinks that (O)ct's sin is not that he has very strong opinions. It is that they are different from yours (and about as much as mine, for that matter)., and he isn't budging any more than you are.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

How much time do I have (and I hope that you dug the overall sarcasm of the post)? a) He's accusatory (claimed that I cut and pasted something on global warming when any sentient being could have easily deciphered that they were my own words, says that I have have an anger problem when I work with Alzheimer's patients every day and was recognized in 2008 by the Alzheimer's Association as one of the outstanding caregivers in CT - just 2 examples). b) He impugns people's motivation and veracity constantly and it totally pissed me off when he said that I have an agenda. c) He's a condescending boob who thinks that the sun rises and falls on his opinions and his delivery is always pretentious, pedantic, pontifical, etc.. d) He insults people (usually via some sort of sophomoric rhyme scheme), calls them liars, and mischaracterizes their views, and then he cries, "foul", when the targeted person responds in kind (maybe he feels that he's above criticism). e) He's flagrantly orthodox and totally inept when it comes to consuming research, understanding nuance, and grasping the limitations of human knowledge. The dude thinks that he already knows everything, takes himself way too seriously, and basically sounds like some pseudo-professorial blowhard 24/7.......Other than that, he's a great guy.

dmarks said...