Sunday, July 13, 2014

On the Notion that Hamas Cares About its Civilians

This one is so uproariously funny that it isn't even remotely funny in that these frigging lunatics actually launch their rockets FROM schools, FROM mosques, FROM houses, FROM thickly populated residential areas, etc.. That, and the fact that it's all a part of their sick, disgusting calculations (a belief on their part that as the civilian death toll rises, so, too, does the sympathy that they garner from the rest of the world), flies in the face of the fact they've constantly used suicide bombers (many of them adolescents), etc.. Oh, yeah, these assholes really care about their civilians.


Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah, however the pro Islam leftists worldwide, including those in the USA will in fact be more sympathetic and place blame on Israel.

Hope your right and I'm wrong Will but reason seems in short supply these days.

Rusty Shackelford said...

No one in the Mid-East has any confidence in either Obama or Kerry.I think Hamas is in for it....40,000 troops on the border ready to go.....these friggin idiots may have pushed the final button.

And RN....reason has absolutely nothing to do with it....half the population of Israel is hiding in bomb shelters....when you live through that you can preach for reason,until then........STFU.

dmarks said...

They care about civilians the way Col. Sanders cares about chicken or the AFSCME cares about working people

Rational Nation USA said...

You are a blind ass ShackleTurd. I am talking about the leftist palestian and Hamas sympathizers being without reason and that Israel has every fucking right to defend their nation and do what needs to be done. SO, YOU SHUT THE F*CK UP jackass.

Rational Nation USA said...

Let me clarify RS. My point is that the leftist who sympathize with the Palestinians and Hamas will claim Israel is at fault, that they are somehow wrong for defending themselves and their right to exist. Of course this is BS and I support Israel's current actions.

My reference to reason being in short supply on this was directed at the non thinking sympathizers of Hamas. IOW the far out leftists both in the USA and around the world.

So, as to your STFU, well, stuff it.

Rusty Shackelford said...

RN....the prince of mediocrity.