Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Having Been Considered Gods at the Time

American politicians would have loved it back then.


dmarks said...

The Progressive agenda, which would turn us back to the rule of such god-kings... rolling back millennia of real progress and enlightenment... really isn't that (small "p") progressive, is it?

BB-Idaho said...

True of the pharaohs as well as other pre-nations along the Fertile Crescent. They didn't have separation of church and state and no media whatsoever.
'Look upon my works, ye mighty,
and despair!'

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

dmarks - I'm not sure if Keynes ever considered himself a God but I wouldn't be surprised if he did.......Interesting, BB. Also, didn't a lot of the ancient Chinese rulers consider themselves Gods as well (the peasants apparently buying it)?

dmarks said...

Will: There has been a trend of actual human progress through Hammurabi, Magna Carta, American Constitution, etc to protect the rights of the people.

Mindless socialism, worship of the state threatens to take us back to 2000 BC where the rulers are worshiped as Gods on earth.

Case in point: WD's defense of divine right of the rulers to abuse the people, steal from them, and negate their rights, because these rulers are democratically chosen.