Thursday, June 5, 2014

On Jersey Recently Conflating Me With Glenn Beck

You can literally count on ONE HAND the number of times that I have ever listened to Glenn Beck (yes, I find him quite strange) for more than five minutes (on TV, the radio, Youtube, whatever) BUT because I apparently uttered something that Mr. Beck also believes (namely, that Woodrow Wilson, one of the earliest progressives, was one of the country's very worst Presidents), I am shamelessly, lazily, and moronically lumped into the same ridiculous little category. I mean, I know that partisans such as Jersey rarely if ever have the capacity to think beyond such simple dichotomies and all but, my God, folks, this is getting extremely pathetic..............................................................................................P.S. Jersey and his fellow ramrod, Octopus, also tried to say that Wilson wasn't really a progressive and that if he were alive today he'd be a Republican (never mind the fact that 99% of those 1960s Dixiecrats NEVER became Republicans and frigging croaked as Democrats). I say, quite doubtful, to that in that the vast, Vast, VAST percentage of those who are currently employed by the Woodrow Wilson Center continue to be rank and file Democrats and easily more than half of those are liberal Democrats....Yet another epic fail for Jersey, people.


dmarks said...

Octo can be loose and sloppy sometimes. Once when he was arguing in favor of grossly overpaying New York transit workers (including paying then hundreds of thousands per year), he brought up a figure about what it costs to live in New York.

I checked his figure, and it turns out he was referring to the cost of living in one of the few most expensive parts of the city.

dmarks said...

Anyway, Beck is an across the board conservative. You have shown time and again that you are pretty much in the middle.

You are only like Beck in some sort of imagination in which anyone not in the hardcore Left is some sort of conservative. Yes, we've seen that before. How Dervishesque of Octo.

BB-Idaho said...

As long as you don't dress up like Ben Franklin and wear Mormon
temple undergarments, the comparison is thin one. :)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I appreciate that, gents. I do.......I mean, Beck is kind of insane, right (to the point of being paranoid about both Bush AND Obama)?