Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peter Bush, Peter Obama, Peter Principle

The predominant reason given as to why the Bush administration failed on so many counts was that George Bush really didn't believe in government (an exceedingly bizarre assertion in that the fellow grew it so massively) and so of course he was going to royally fuck things up. An interesting theory (albeit a trifle paranoiac), but being that that couldn't conceivably be the reason for our current President's ineptness and massive failures, might we at this late juncture at least take a look at a couple of alternative explanations; the inherent incompetence of government bureaucracy, political hubris, the will to power, corruption and cronyism, dogmatism, etc.? I mean, it certainly couldn't hurt, right?


dmarks said...

True. They all grow government. From a conservative to Bush to a left-of-center President like Clinton to an outright progressive like Obama.

Even a supposed Ayn Rand disciple like Paul Ryan proposes a significant increase in government.

BB-Idaho said...

Exxon is big on fracking . With
one major exception .

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I guess that Exxon is to fracking what the Kennedy clan is to windmills.

dmarks said...

Perfect examples, all, of how the powerful use government regulations to their advantage.

- dmarks