Friday, February 28, 2014

On Insular, Delusional, And Ideologically Driven Bloggers

a) They don't just dislike their political opponents, they despise them (attributing to them the most sinister of motives and behaviors), b) they plant their flags bald-faced indiscriminately, and c) they make 1970s wrestling seem nuanced by comparison.


dmarks said...

Followers indeed of such self-help books as "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" and "Getting to No: How To Banned from Many Blogs Without Giving In"

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

At one time I showed some of his earlier comments to my co-workers and a lot of them didn't believe me. They actually thought that I had made it up as some sort of a joke.

dmarks said...

Will: I suggest you google this

kat hak sung

It's really quite similar.

BB-Idaho said...

The 'nuanced seventies':
leisure suits, sideburns, bell bottom pants, lava lamps and big
fins on cars. What were we thinking?

dmarks said...

BB: Not to be pedantic, but you wrote that like someone born in 1982 :)

The era of fins on cars was almost 20 years earlier than the 1970s!

I do find just one model of a finned car that was made deep into the 1970s. I doubt you drove it, though :)

dmarks said...

And Will, here is Kat Hak Sung. Who lives to make WD look sane:

129. George Bush never thought to think, "I am you, American."

Dear I C H,
I think you are the most stupid person in the world.
I am very disagree with you on Bush & Blair war crimes in Iraq.
Your posting are so stupid. You are so stupid like like Mrs. Chen. Mrs. Chen never thought to think. I think, you too never thought to think, do you?.

This is my opinion about Bush & Blair war crimes in Iraq:

Through my own experience, I feel US has became a 'spy country'.
I started to view things from another angle. When Lewinsky scandal happened and Linda Trip said in her speech,"I am you, American."
I couldn't help to laugh. She thought many people were the same as her, spying on fellow Americans. She is absolutely right. In this country, informant are vastly used by Federal law enforcement agency.

Re. 6. Who need this terror attack and war?
When I first published "FBI knew terror attack in advance", I got an intimidation from someone said that now it's in war times, "even the paranoid and conspiratorialist 'warnings' must be handled judiciously." That's the point. They need "war times" so they can do whatever they want to do to their dislikes. And who are benefit from this attack?
President Bush got high approve rate, intelligence got extended police power, Pentagon got a fat budget. Who are the loser? Civil liberty eroded, budget turned into deficit from surplus. And they even try to tap the social security fund which will face a financial crisis 20 years later. Yet they make this war endless. Osama Bin Laden is still at large. Iraq is on the waiting list. Perhaps Iran.... . Who benefit from it?
No other than George Bush himself....

BB-Idaho said...

dmarks observation re: 70s finny cars is noted. I guess at my age I get my decades mixed up. It's coming back; a couple of hot Olds
Toronados, a Toyota Landcruiser I
painted camo, a Chevy wagon, two kids, two jobs, two homes, first
baseman on the company softball team and Xc-skiis that needed different wax for each 2 degrees
temp change. Yep, sorting through, and not a single fin!

dmarks said...

That you might well have owned a finny auto more than makes up for it!