Friday, February 21, 2014

On the Idiocy of Noam Chomsky Comparing Bill Clinton's Bombing of that Chemical Plant in Sudan to the World Trade Center Attacks by bin Laden

While he may be an expert in linguistics, the guy is a total moron when it comes to morality. Yes, there were deaths that transpired due to President Clinton's actions but those deaths were UNINTENDED. His primary focus, OBVIOUSLY, was to destroy the potential WMD of al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Contrast that with the actions of bin Laden and his fellow barbarians whose metaphysical purpose was to annihilate as many civilians as possible and bring down the entire American economy. For Mr. Chomsky to even attempt to compare a U.S. President (who probably did more to establish Middle Eastern peace than all of his predecessors and successors combined) to one of the biggest mass murderers of the past half century is absolutely astonishing and whatever small modicum of respect that I may have had for that individual is toast.


dmarks said...

The Sudan deaths were ultimately the responsibility of the Sudanese government, for (1) engaging in such weapons activities and (2) keeping the locations secret, which can result in the wrong targets being bombed.

They had absolutely no business doing either. And if they had not been doing both, there would have been no accidental aspirin plant bombing. Perhaps this was the intended result.... considering that the regime in Sudan thought nothing of killing many hundreds of thousands of Sudanese civilians through execution.

Perhaps Chomsky is a fan of the genocide in the Sudan. Not a far stretch, considering that Chomsky heaped praise on the Khmer Rouge as they were instituting the "Killing Fields", and after the atrocities were well publicized.

Unknown said...

Is talking nonsense your hobby, or is it your full-time job?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

How many handles does wd have, dmarks?

dmarks said...

Perquinn, barlowe, Joe Shits, and wd. All I know of.