Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Why the Government Didn't See the Shale-Fracking, Horizontal Drilling, And Social Networking Phenomena Coming

a) Because they're stupid, b) because their brass-balls sure aren't crystal, and c) because they already had way too much on their plate with ethanol, wind turbines, free golf-carts for millionaires, Amtrack (and other high-speed rail bottomless pits), Wall Street bailouts, Obamacare, cash for clunkers, solar panels, kissing Jeffrey Immelt's asshole, etc., etc..


dmarks said...

They didn't see it for the same reason that Krushchev's shoe-banging prophecy didn't come to pass: the arrogance of mighty government central planning comes with a big load of hubris... and people who really have no idea what they are doing, but because they have the power and the guns, they think they are.

BB-Idaho said...

I like the idea of high speed rail. Swiss relatives coming to visit thought they could travel to anywhere in the US by convenient rail travel. Hint:
you're not in Zurich anymore!

BB-Idaho said...

All of the above. Not sure who saw those things coming, I didn't, especially social networking, a convenient wasteland, IMO. Wasteland-wise,
the fracking phenomenon could produce some, especially when they will need to go lower down, costs rise and methods grow more robust. Not a guv prediction, just pondering out loud.