Friday, February 14, 2014

Bush 1's Biggest Blunder

I've always considered myself generally supportive of the first President Bush (even going as far as voting for him once - in '88). I see him as a good and decent man an in retrospect not a half bad President. But, yes, in the spring of 1991, when his administration encouraged the Shia uprising in Southern Iraq and then did quite literally nothing to support it (an act that unfortunately allowed Mr. Hussein an unfettered opportunity to slaughter tens of thousands of his citizens), you really do have to reassess the fellow's judgement and character at least to a degree, I think....I mean, that was a really bad one, people.


dmarks said...

I agree that's the worst... by far. The second was breaking his tax promise.

Rational Nation USA said...

Making the promise was a mistake in the first place. One should never make a promise they don't intend to keep or can't.