Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Buttressing Your Opinion Via Quoting Joseph Stalin

Call me old fashioned but once a person slaughters over 40 MILLION people, I really don't give a rat's ass what the fiend thinks about ANYTHING, and it astonishes me beyond comprehension how anybody would. Really.


dmarks said...

Stalin was pretty much a liar in the quotation given, as well.

Rational Nation USA said...

Well Will, I guess you could chalk it up to... ignorance?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Of all they crazy things that wd has done and said, I'd have to say that this one creeps me out the most. I mean, it's almost equivalent to someone saying that, "Yeah, Hitler was a really bad fellow but his taste in liebfraumilch was awesome."

dmarks said...

Considering how WD has bent over backwards to deny the antisemitism from Francis "Frances" Boyle, a man who went on record as wanting all Jewish people removed from Israel by "peaceful" means, he might support some of Hitler's stuff too.

Boyle also strongly supports Hamas (a political/terrorist group whose main goal is killing all Jews) and is also one of the few people in the free world who supports Iran's nuclear weapons building program. The fact that Boyle lied about George W. Bush is overshadowed by other kooky things far more scary.

Rusty Shackelford said...

Well dmarks....I hope you're happy. You finally pushed the loon over the edge.

I cannot fathom a person possessing any speck of intelligence wasting the time putting together a treatise of meaningless poppycock....I mean Francis vs. Frances

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I wonder if wd is aware that in June of 2012 this Boyle lunatic also called for the impeachment of one, Eric Holder (and strongly inferred that Obama would be next).

dmarks said...

Will: Read about Boyle's feud with Alan Dershowitz. Eye opening.

And yes he says Dershowitz is a war criminal, too. You will see Dershowitz' keen legal mind cut to ribbons Boyle's white-hot hatred of Jewish people.

Boyle is also a self-proclaimed "international law expert", who also served as a legal advisor in the 1980s to the PLO, helping this group pursue its goals of wiping out Jews.


Rusty said: "Well dmarks....I hope you're happy. You finally pushed the loon over the edge."

What did he do now? Is this about WD's Stalin worship?